Cooling Method

Air cooled

Air cooled

Air cooled products offer simple, cost effective integration because there is no external water cooling required.All air cooled systems are designed to be versatile and can be used for spot and small area curing.


Product model &Emitting window size LXW(mm)

HTLD-2X150     2x150

HTLD-2X400     2x400

HTLD-3X240     3x240

HTLD-4X30       4x30

HTLD-4X70       4x70

HTLD-4X100     4x100

HTLD-4X300     4x300

HTLD-10X70     10x70

HTLD-10X150  10x150

HTLD-10X240  10x240

HTLD-20X25     20X25

HTLD-20X60     25X60

HTLD-20X100  20X100

HTLD-20X150  20X150

HTLD-20X200  20X200

HTLD-30X100  30X100

HTLD-30X200  30X200

HTLD-10X150  10X150

HTLD-10X250  10X250

HTLD-15X100  15X100

HTLD-40X200  40X200

HTLD-60X150  60X150

HTLD-100X100  100X100

HTLD-150X200  150X200

HTLD-30X120  30X120

The size and uv intensity could be customized.

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