UV coating system

UV coating system
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This kind of uv curing machine is designed for uv varnish, uv paint, uv glue, uv ink and other uv sensitive materials.HEIGHT-LED

HTLD UV LED curing machine description

UV lamp: UVLED
1. the size of the led uv curing light: 180mmx290mm 
2. UV Light from the conveyor belt adjustable distance: 10-50mm
3. UV lamp power density: 1300mw / cm² at 365nm,2000mw/cm² at 395nm
4. UV light intensity adjustable: 1% -100%;
5. Reflector: aluminum reflector built-in import reflective aluminum reflector, high
efficiency, long life
6. Belt Width: 300mm
7. Conveyor Material: Teflon mesh belt or stainless steel mesh belt for choice
8. Conveyor speed: 1-10 m stepless adjustable
9. LED Lamp beads which means that light, without warm-up, and immediately began to
solidify work
10. Drum: knurled surface to ensure smooth transportation
11. Total Cooling: air-cooled
12. Machine material: cold rolled sheet table machine spray
13. Appearance: plastic spraying computer white and black and gray
14. Machine Specification: 1500L * 750W * 800Hmm
15. Power Connection: 220VAC 50HZ

If you have conveyor, we can offer uv led curing light for you. The size of the uv led light is optional.


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