uv ink curing for printing

HTLD-S462-30X350 for screen priting

HTLD-S462-30X350 for screen priting
HTLD-S462-30X350 for screen priting 展示图片2 展示图片3


Specification of controller


Specification of  UVLED Irradiation head

type HTLD-S528-30X350-395
setting specification 700mA constant current
electric power 1500W
cooling method water cooling
control method XYUV-4II controller, channel alone control
curing area length:30mm; width:350mm
irradiate distance 10-15mm
uvled source wavelength 395nm
peak irradiance 13w/cm2
uniformity  +/-5~8%
grade NO,1,3B product

More type products of uv led curing system can be customized by your requirement,

And more high-power  products waiting for your attention.

Specification of more type UV-LED source

product model wavelength(nm) curing area(mm*mm) peak irradiance(mw/cm2) irradiate distance(mm)
HTLD-S20X250           395,365 250X30 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S30X400 395,365 400X30 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S30X600 395,365 600X30 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S30X750 395,365 750X30 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S30X1000 395,365 1000X30 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S40X250 395,365 250X40 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S40X400 395,365 400X40 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S40X600 395,365 600X40 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S40X750 395,365 750X40 10000-20000 10-20
HTLD-S40X1000 395,365 1000X40 10000-20000 10-20

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