uv led curing system for LCD

HTLD-L60-7X300 for procuring

HTLD-L60-7X300 for procuring

Technical specification of controller


Technical specification of irradiation head

product model wavelength cooling method curing area peak irradiance irradiate distance
HTLD-L60-7X330 365nm,395nm air cooling 7x330mm 3000mw/cm2  10-20mm

More applications

hard drive head assembly (head of packaging, the line is fixed, bearings, coils, chip bonding, etc.)

motors and components assembly (wire coil fixed coil end fixed, PTC / NTC element bonding,

   protecting the transformer core)

DVD / digital camera (lenses, lens attached, circuit board reinforcement)

sensor production (gas sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, photoelectric encoder, etc.)

  phone components assembly (camera lens, earpiece, microphone, housing, LCD modules, touch

  screen coating, etc.)

TFT-LCD LCD panel irrigation crystal interface package

TFT-LCD LCD panel FPC paste package

Yung-touch fitting cured

PCB industry LED VU light curing applications

optical industry -ST-LED UV light curing applications UV curing applications

laser package

optics assembly (lens group, prisms, DLP light engine assembly, CCD, COMS)

optical communications industry yuan source device (PLC splitters, WDM WDM, array waveguide

   gratings AWG and other glass packaging structural bonding or potting, etc.)

research and institutes -ST-LED UV light curing applications

Medical Devices curing applications

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