HTLD UV-LED Curing System

HTLD LED-Mercury uv curing machine

HTLD LED-Mercury uv curing machine
HTLD LED-Mercury uv curing machine 展示图片2
uv model type wavelength electric power optic power curing area irradiate distance cooling method
HTLD-30X100 UVLED 395nm 500w 14000mw/cm2 30x100mm 10-120mm water cooling
HTLD-300X30 UVLED 395nm 1200w 9000mw/cm2 300x30mm 10-120mm water cooling
HTLD-300X700 UV Mercury  under 300nm 1000w 30000mw/cm2 700x300mm 10-120mm fans cooling

Product Specifications:

UV lamp: UVLED and Mercury Lamp

1. luminous body (effective radiation area): 300mm(UVLED) ;700mm (Mercury Lamp)

2. UV Light from the conveyor belt adjustable distance: 10-50mm

3. UV lamp power density: 9000mw / cm2(UVLED);1-2KW/cm2(Mercury Lamp)

4. UV light intensity adjustable: 1% -100%;

5. Reflector: aluminum reflector built-in import reflective aluminum reflector, high   

   efficiency, long life

6. Belt Width: 300mm

7. Conveyor Material: Teflon mesh belt or stainless steel mesh belt for choice

8. Conveyor speed: 1-10 m stepless adjustable

9.LED Lamp beads which means that light,  without warm-up, and immediately began to 

  solidify work

10. Drum: knurled surface to ensure smooth transportation

11. Total Cooling:  water cooling(UVLED); fans cooling(Mercury LAMP)

12.Machine material: cold rolled sheet table machine spray

13. Appearance: plastic spraying computer white and black and gray

14. Machine Specification: 900L * 580W * 1150Hmm

15. Power Connection: 220VAC 50HZ


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