HTLD UV-LED Curing System

HTCS uv led curing machine with photoelectric sensor

HTCS uv led curing machine with photoelectric sensor
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In response to market demand, Heite Ned developed a series of UVLED curing machine, which is an upgraded version of the previous UVLED curing machine. The details of the UVLED curing machine on the man-machine interface are introduced.
1: We installed the power supply in the device inside, save space and also facilitate the operation, the operator interface on the edge of the machine, you can stand at the machine next to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, adjust the curing time and Irradiation power, adjustment device of the three models.
2: We installed the infrared sensor on both ends of the device, set up three control modes, continuous control, rear control, single cycle control, you can choose according to the needs of product production to choose the appropriate control mode.
3: Our device is also installed below the wheel to facilitate the movement, reducing the damage caused by moving.
4: The machine includes a conveyor belt device, an irradiation head, a cover frame outside the LED UV curing lamp, if it is water, then add a water cooling machine.


uv lamp: UVLED

1.luminous body(effective radiation area):350x200mm(final curing),300x8mm(procuring)

2.UV light from the conveyor belt adjustable distance:10-60mm

3.UV lamp power density:2000mw/cm2

4.UV light indensity adjustable:1%-100%

5.Reflector:aluminum reflector built-in import reflective aluminum reflector,high efficiency, long life

6.Belt width:300mm

7.Conveyor material:Teflon mesh belt or stainless steel mesh belt for choice

8.Conveyor speed:1-10m stepless adjustable

9.LED lamp beads which means that light, without warm-up, and immediately began to solidify work

10.Drum:knurled surface to ensure smooth transportation

11.Total cooling:air-cooled

12.Machine material: cold rolled sheet table machine spray

13.Apperance: plasitic spraying computer white and black and gray

14.Machine Specification: 2100LX620WX81050Hmm

15.Power Connection: 220VAC 50HZ


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