HTLD UV-LED Curing System

HTLD-SL360-300X200-365 Chain UVLED curing machine

HTLD-SL360-300X200-365 Chain UVLED curing machine
HTLD-SL360-300X200-365 Chain UVLED curing machine 展示图片2 展示图片3
Product Introduction:
HTLD-S360-300X200-365 is a UV conformal coating
curing design with the high performance
UVLED surface light source curing system, the
system mainly contains control System, UVLED
head and chain conveyor belt. UVLED
irradiation head mining ,With the import of
high-intensity UV LED integrated, UV spectral
wavelength of 405nm, mining With forced air
cooling, effective curing area of 200X20mm,
support outside department of signal input
and trigger, can be equipped with semiautomatic
or fully automated production line
application, transfer the use of two stainless
steel chain, the width of the chain can be
manually adjustable by the size of the product
fixture .
Product features
No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for all
types of heat-sensitive material curing.
Boot without preheating, that is, open the use of
instantaneous maximum light intensity.
Power saving, easy to control.
Do not contain mercury, do not produce ozone safe and
environmentally friendly
Infrared sensor intelligent control, start and stop control
with the need to move.
Chain conveyor belt with adjustable width.
Product application
PCB/PCBA three anti-glue curing
SMT component protection and reinforcement
Medical instrument uv glue curing
Product specifications
Control system
Panel display, touch operation, real-time
monitoring of the head of the working state
Intensity adjustable from 0-100%
Temperature monitoring
Infrared sensor control, work mode selection
Whole machine size: L1200*W820*1100mm
UVLED irradiation Head(HTLD-S360-300X200-365) 
Wavelength: 365nm
Curing area: 300x200mm
Recommended height of irradiation:10-100mm
Optic power: 800mw/cm2(10mm irradiation distance)
More size of irradiation head and multiple wavelength can be customized by your requirement.
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