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UV glue curing for PCB

The process of the circuit board can be divided into the following steps: PCB circuit board, surface cleaning, coating paint, UV IR, UV leveling solidification, inspection and packaging
Below we in the circuit board curing need to pay attention to matters: 1, UV the UV light solid machine after curing and after curing process (about a few seconds). Therefore, the workpiece after referral should avoid paint immediate contact with a hard object, so as not to scratch the.
2, UV light curing machine should use LED chip, power 1KW, output power of 80W/cm, a new UV cold light irradiation machine.
3, UV light curing machine in the work process, the LED chip will head irradiation heat generated due to the working principle, to take physical cooling or air cooling of UV curing machine in working process.
4, UV light curing machine in the light - LED chip long service life to 2500 hours, in the loss process, to maintain proper treatment.
5, UV glue should be sealed in a cool, drying, away from the fire source, the absolute prohibition of direct sunlight, storage period is 6 months (30 DEG C below), extended UV after passing inspection can continue to use.
H-tec ned specializing in the production of UV LED light source machine, high purity irradiation, no effect of heat radiation and the depth of the UV light, the use of long life, welcome to have the need to come to the consultation 
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