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A new type green uv curing light

        UV LED radiation curing technology is an alternative to the traditional UV curable new green technologies if your product uses the traditional curing process, and can not meet the now the needs of the market, such as: slow curing time, hardness is not high, high temperature aging, to human body harm lamps, then please understand UVLED curing equipment is that UV radiation curing technology is since the late 1970s and developed a new green technology and UV LED radiation curing technology is replacing the traditional new green technologies. Using the technology for the production of UV curing glue, referred to as UV glue, has does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and little pollution to the environment, fast curing speed, saving energy, good performance of the cured product, and is suitable for high-speed automatic production, etc.. But the traditional glue volatile, the curing rate is slow, is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, UV is the main substitute of traditional glue glue. Because the UV glue technology and unique advantages, being widely applied to electronic products, machinery manufacturing, metal anti-corrosion and other industries and fields, known as the new environmental protection and new materials. The latest data show that Europe and the United States have passed legislation to limit the use of VOC high emissions of traditional glue, gradually the use of environmentally friendly new materials to replace the traditional UV glue glue. Accounted for about 10% of total production in the production of glue the United States, Germany, Italy and other developed countries UV glue, and an annual increase rate of 15%. According to Hess, a German company, predicts that by 2010, the world within the scope of UV curing glue production will reach more than 50% of the total output of the UV curing industry and UV glue the environmentally friendly new materials within 30 years will keep the advantage, the UVLED point light, UV LED line light, UV LED surface light source market space is extremely large. In China, Guangdong and other places some manufacturers use this UVled radiation curing technology, become the development trend of production of high-end products processing.

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