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UV curing application

      Industrial UV curing is a very big market, such as micro speaker / receiver, mobile phone, HDD, camera head coil, sensor, micro motor, CD/DVD, head of mobile phone keyboard, digital camera, mini LCD, touch screen, LCD screen, LED display, lens assembly, crystal bonding, optical devices, optical engine potting / bonding / sealing products such as UV glue curing; medical adhesive polymer (catheter needle, pump, etc.); auto parts / aircraft / mobile phone / digital products shell paint coating / packaging coatings and UV curing; wood flooring / flooring / furniture paint curing; ink-jet printing / printing / printing / printing flexible plate printing / screen printing Slide Show and ink drying; automatic dispensing equipment / paint / ink curing curing curing; desktop / conveyor belt curing equipment; curing equipment; DVD/CD production equipment; L CD production equipment, paint spraying curing production line; semiconductor process equipment; small printing equipment; paint / ink R & D; equipment integration; glue / paint / ink R & D; semiconductor process of conductive adhesive; UV coating; process of mobile phone camera lens; touch panel laminating process. Traditionally, the curing process equipment used is UV mercury lamp, i.e. UV curing mercury lamp, the lamp of life only for 500 to 1000 hours, and time use before first preheating, the effective use of longer time less than 500 hours. But traditional mercury lights will produce a lot of heat and infrared, will damage the coating, it needs to use far distance and reduce efficiency in the use of; and a lot of heat and infrared lead to high heat, need to match the cooling system and air conditioning equipment, coupled with a large volume of device, large energy consumption, short service life, mercury, and produce ozone to wait, these are the disadvantages of conventional UV curing mercury lamp.

With the LED UV brightness enhancement and technology maturity, as well as the general promotion of environmental awareness in recent years, curing process equipment to accelerate the introduction of LED UV, LED UV replacement UV mercury lamp is expected to appear higher growth rate of growth.
Phase compared to mercury UV lamp, UV LED light with higher efficiency, stable energy, low power consumption, long life and in line with the characteristics of environmental protection, in recent years, more and more manufacturers began to requirements in curing equipment with UV led to replace mercury UV lamp, such as the apple has asked with its suppliers if has cured machine equipment, required to fully converted to the use of UV LED. However, when curing equipment in favor of the UV LED, lighting energy, efficiency and the traditional UV mercury lamp vary, in consideration of adaptation and yield factors, related ink, glue the formula must be adjusted. Because LED UV has the advantage of environmental protection, so in recent years, the use of traditional UV mercury lamp has been replaced by a warming trend.
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