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How to curing the uv glue by uv led spot curing system

    UV led spot curing system is mainly used for curing a small area, 1CM. 2-3S products can be cured. Used in PCB, LCD, electronics, printing, plastic, wood, shoes, glass, crafts, polishing, painting and other fields. UV equipment in use must be UVLED exposure, the UV device may include: UV curing machine, UV coating line, UV polishing machine etc.. Related UV materials: like UV ink, UV paint, UV glue, UV varnish, UV paint and other (UV paint of light caused by agents and UV and UV irradiation machine issued, photochemical reaction, UV paint instant liquid conjunctival xerosis)

First, the user classification:
1, spray:
Spraying the general mobile phone shell, cosmetics case, MP3 small household electrical appliances shell plastic spraying, most companies use, mobile phone shell coating and UV printing the two industry, requirements for UV is not the same, his products and equipment. Mobile shell spraying company, the general can control more than one UVLED irradiation machine. Irradiation machine is independent of control, do not affect each other.
2, printing:
Screen printing, offset, five color printing mostly use such as U disk, such as, CD, used is UV protective glue, when the compact disc printing, screen printing with UV ink, in the screen printing is now used in most UV ink printing. With dry fast, good adhesion, a variety of performance standards (adhesion, abrasion resistance, etc.).
3, the footwear industry:
Is the use of ultraviolet light on the soles of the material, so that the occurrence of chemical reactions, so that the adhesive with the soles of the shoes with the soles with good affinity. Suitable for shoes, close, UV glue for plastic adhesive bonding, like hospital infusion plastic pipe. General production of high-end travel shoes company.
4, wood industry:
Only surface coating for UV coating (light oil) the performance of better: such as friction force, acid alkali resistance, weather resistance, and so on, after UV coating can make wood flooring and other surface luster gorgeous feeling, wood painting, most of the use of tube length is longer and a higher power.
5, LCD, PCB industry:
PCB circuit board, UV lamp for printed circuit board of the general use of metal (metal halide lamp), in addition to a is exposure lamp also belongs to the metal halide lamps PCB production, for the exposure and development, the general use of the circuit board, generally with the cold low UV lamp and curing with lamp is not the same, but they all belong to the ultraviolet lamp uses not the same
6, crafts polish:
As long as it is to use UV on the polish of the arts and crafts, can be used UV irradiation machine.
UV automatic painting line: using pretreatment is, the electrostatic dust guns, or electrostatic precipitator rod processed, it is often said that, corona treating, because the plastic, the plastic material, the surface tension is very poor, after corona treatment to the surface of the table surface tension, improve, in order to reinforce the bottom material and UV coating affinity, this will have better curing effect, if before treatment do not get good words, adhesion of the product will appear problem, not many ultraviolet, but equipment or processes, and UV paint or ink, great relationship.



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