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Failure cause and analysis of UVLED curing machine

In the process, more or less will encounter some problems when using UV led curing machine reasons may be improper operation, UV curing machine parts may be, UV lamp, the transformer as the UV curing machine core component, its failure will mainly reflected in this:
1. UV lamp brightness is insufficient
Analysis reason: ultraviolet lamp aging, solution: change UV lamp.
2. UV light is not bright or self extinguishing:
One of the reasons for the analysis: UV lamp aging, solution: replace the UV lamp.
Analysis of the reasons for the two: wind cooling is not enough to solve the method: to clear the wind pipe, clean up the wind turbine wind wheel debris.
Analysis of the reasons for the three: the power supply voltage is less than 10%, the solution: to improve the voltage.
3. UV lights all off after the UV curing machine can not be automatically shut down
Analysis reason: the time delay is damaged.
Solution: replace the delay device.
4. transformer temperature is high (> 95 C)
Analysis of one of the reasons: 1 power supply voltage is higher than 10%. Solution: reduce the input voltage of the machine, enhance the ventilation.
Analysis of the reasons for the two: 2 machine around the poor ventilation. Solution: clean up the environment around the machine.
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