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Five factors affecting the deep light uv curing of UVLED

UV coating after UVLED irradiation caused the initiator was that produce radical ion or ion tour, these free radicals or ions with pre dimer or unsaturated double bond monomer cross-linking reaction, to form a single gene, the monomer gene start chain reaction of producing polymer solid polymer, a curing process of a complete end. The following talk about several factors affecting the deep curing.
First, the impact of UVLED energy
Deep UV LED curing, the main condition is molecules must absorption of photons with sufficient energy to become excited molecules and decomposed into free radicals or ions, the unsaturated organic compounds polymerization, grafting, crosslinking and chemical reaction, reaching the curing. The supply of UV photo initiators in UVLED or less than the energy needed energy
1, If someone do not know the light of the need for UVLED energy, such as the blind excess supply, this practice is not only a waste of energy, can also cause the negative effects of excessive curing, such as explosive poly, anti curing reaction.
2, UVLED energy is insufficient, then the UVLED energy must be moderate, that can not be too excessive, can not be completely cured.
Two, UV coating thickness
UV coating thickness of UV curing effect plays a key role. The coating is too thick, in the same power source under the irradiation of drying time is relatively long, the drying of UV coating, on the other hand will cause the substrate surface temperature is too high, resulting in deformation of the base material, the coating is too thin, resulting in poor product surface gloss. Hue, temperature, curing speed, substrate in different conditions such as the other UV coating thickness of the coating under appropriate deployment.
3. the effect of curing distance
According to the different materials to ultraviolet light curing, the general distance of 10-15 cm. Curing distance must match the substrate, paint, lamp power, such as appropriate adjustments.
4. the effect of curing speed
According to the substrate, coating, curing distance different, appropriate adjustments to the equipment curing speed, curing speed, UV coating on the surface of the substrate hair stick or surface dry and not dry; slow speed, substrate surface aging.
5. the impact of the working environment
UV coating due to the temperature viscosity varies greatly when, you should adjust the room temperature, generally 15-25 degrees is appropriate, and pay attention to curing can not be damaged by the sun point blank.
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