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UV led curing for nail gel

Led nail uv curing machine, the semiconductor light emitting device such as a dry solid light source, to make up for the shortcomings of old nail uv lamp, specific performance in:
Environmental protection: common nail uv lamp is an ultraviolet lamp tube, the lamp inside a component of "Mercury", and "Mercury" is not environmental protection material, on the human body is very harmful, if the lamp is broken, recycling more trouble, increased the cost of recycling. And LED curing machine, no harmful substances, and because of small size, will not be broken, easy to deal with waste.
2, energy saving: LED is a low energy consumption device, the actual power consumption is very small, so very energy saving.
Safety: not hot, the original ordinary nail uv lamp, the customer in the use of accidentally easily hot, because the lamp in the luminescence produced very high heat, the temperature is generally at 50-70 degrees, some products to more than 80 degrees, once the hand touch the lamp, you will burn, while the LED is cold light source, when in use, no fever, even if the user use hand to touch, there is no relationship.
4, the use of long life: the service life of the ordinary nail uv lamp lamp for 3000-5000 hours, some lamps less than 300 hours, so often for the lamp, more trouble, also increased the use cost, and the service life of the LED general for 40000 hours, short use up to 50000 hours, do not need to frequently change the lamp so trouble, saving the use cost.
5, easy to carry: common nail uv lamp is due to the use of tube is fragile, the carrying is easy to damage the lamp, and the LED is a solid substance, not for carrying and damage.
6, the province time: the use of UVLED curing nail glue, dry solid time is about 30 seconds, and ordinary nail uv lamp stem fixation time for 2 to 3 minutes, greatly saves working time.
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