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Safety operation procedures for UV curing machine

1, the machine can only be trained and qualified personnel or professional maintenance, maintenance personnel to operate.
2, check whether the next machine debris or other unrelated items, if there is clear.
3, check whether the body has a good grounding protection.
4, before starting to check the voltage is correct, confirm the normal power after the boot.
5, open the machine after please be sure to check the cooling fan is running, otherwise please turn off the machine immediately.
6, the machine is in operation, is prohibited in the machine, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.
7, normal shutdown can not be immediately cut off the power supply, first of all, press UV machine stop button UV quenching, cooling fan, blower, conveyor belt to run, downtime waiting delay arrival, the machine automatically goes into static state, can be removed only power.
8, can not be a long time to look directly at the ultraviolet, do not make the skin for a long time and ultraviolet exposure.
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