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uv led line curing system advantages

With the development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of the technical level, business requirements of products has become increasingly high, in this form, UVLED source of demand becomes more and more large, in use process reflects the many advantages, especially in the UV curing has significant advantages, the most prominent is the following five points:
1, the nanosecond response speed: can achieve digital control;
2, environmental protection light source: no harmful metal mercury, no red light and ultraviolet radiation;
3, long life: product life of up to 3W hours, 24 hours of continuous light can be used for 3 years;
4, less power consumption: on the premise of equal light curing effect, less power consumption than the traditional 90% UV mercury lamp;
5 energy saving on stronger, higher efficiency, higher photoelectric brightness, the higher the value of the use of higher, more stable photoelectric effect.
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