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How to protect the uv led curing system

In order to enable the machine to have longer service life, routine maintenance is very important. This is also a necessary step to ensure the safety and efficiency of production. The normal operation of machine maintenance often needs to check. Check fan motor operation is normal, if there is abnormal sound machine, should be closed immediately and notify the maintenance personnel maintenance. Turn on the ultraviolet light bulb switch, confirm whether the lamp is lit, if not, then notify the maintenance personnel maintenance. In addition to the above inspection methods, the monthly maintenance is also very necessary. Monthly maintenance mainly includes the following steps:

1, clean the dust in the inner cavity of the machine.
2, check whether the plug vents UV curing machine, and clean up the dust.
3, to add lubricating oil to the chain wheel and the driving chain.
4, check the operation of the fan motor is normal or not, whether the speed of the motor can meet the requirements of the work.
5, check the lamp current is normal, the line is aging.
6, check whether the light intensity of UV lamp is still working standard range, whether the lamp is aging.
After the maintenance is done, as well as every six months to carry out maintenance operations:
1, check the network with firmness is appropriate.
2, check the UV curing machine line and switch is normal.
3, the resistance of the transformer is not less than 5 MB, as low as 5 MB in Europe must make the transformer dry.
4, check the drive shaft, the rotation wheel is loose, the two sprocket is vertical.
5, with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol will reflect the shield to wipe clean.
6, for the motor speed reducer.
Do the maintenance after the machine can use long-term safe and effective.
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