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The difference between UVLED ink curing and uv varnish curing

Understand the difference between UVLED ink curing and UVLED varnish curing in where?
UVLED varnish is a transparent body, UV light from above to the lower level no obstacle, so the need for UV light intensity is weak.
UVLED ink contains non transparent solid pigment, pigment particles strong absorption system outside light, so that the above UV light can not be passed, and the light can only bypass the above eye particles to the following. Such a speed of light through multiple reflections at the same time has repeatedly been absorbed to reach the bottom. Curing must be light and sufficient strength to the bottom of the ink Tu. Ruo Guangqiang solid enough, only to make the surface of the curing layer and the strong absorption of ultraviolet light, the low layer will not cure, in the use of multi strong ultraviolet radiation, the ink will not cure.
In summary, the curing UVLED ink needs to focus on the type of radiation head, fast curing with high power lamp. The curing UVLED light oil can be used for astigmatism, parallel light type reflector, using low power lamp slow curing, better effect.
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