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Main application fields and development prospects of UV curing

1, UV curing coatings
UV curing coatings for the curing of the glue, processing plywood, particle board, wood flooring and other fields, has been widely used in industrial developed countries. Light cured resin coatings used mainly include unsaturated polyester, epoxy acrylate and polyurethane acrylate etc.. The epoxy acrylate and polyurethane acrylate performance is excellent, the wood coatings were more common in the UV curable oligomer. Acrylate pre polymer can be prepared a variety of high-grade wood finish, can use a variety of construction methods, with excellent surface properties, has been widely used in the wooden floor and plane wood finishing.
2, UV curing mobile phone coating
The use of UV curing coating for mobile phones generally use acrylic paint, and the drying speed is fast. At present, the mobile phone is not only in the case, the keyboard is widely used UV curing technology, the circuit board and the liquid crystal display screen also began to use the. Mobile phone casing surface UV curing technology, short curing process and carried out at room temperature, energy saving and reduce scrap rate; keyboard painted wear-resisting UV ink can maximum limit to prevent the surface of the keyboard is worn; mobile phone circuit board generally only need copper line can be covered, but for high precision requirements, the use of the complex environment of circuit board, in welding all electronic components to the overall package a layer of UV plastic electronic protection; liquid crystal display is can not be heated and can not be polluted, so the use of UV curing technology is the most ideal.
3, UV curing metal coatings
UV curable coating for metals are mainly used in household appliances, cans, automotive parts, such as decoration, not only the protective effect, but also has the role of beautifying the appearance. UV curing coatings can also be used for steel pipe of temporary rust prevention, when using alkali cleaning pipe surface, will not affect the steel surface of later.
4, other
UV curing coating is widely used in inks, optical fiber, coating, CD protective coatings, conductive coating, automobiles, home appliances, glass, ceramics, construction of Portland stone and organic glass, and so on, throughout all areas of life, as the research continues to develop, is bound to have a more broad prospects for development.


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