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UV LED curing machine features

       UVLED curing machine for traditional high pressure mercury lamp, UV light curing has soft light, long service life, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, wide area of exposure, small space, spot uniformity. In industrial production, reliable, stable and shorter curing time is an important indicator, UVLED technology has many advantages compared to the traditional way, destined to its leading position in the field of curing.

UVLED technology is low energy consumption, easy to install and save space, more important is the long service life of UVLED can reduce the cost of investment and use to customers. Service life compared to traditional UV curing equipment, the mercury lamp service life of only 8003000 hours, using UVLED UV curing system service life reached 2500030000. The LED can only in the moment when the need for UV light, 80 times LED the service life of the equivalent of the mercury lamp. Reduced the time to replace the bulb, improve the production efficiency, but also very energy saving. And traditional mercury curing equipment at work, due to mercury lamp start slow, affecting the life of light bulbs must have been lit, which not only cause unnecessary power consumption and shorten the service life of the lamp.
Non thermal radiation: a high power ultraviolet, was irradiated product surface temperature rise of 5 DEG C below, and traditional mercury lamp UV curing machine usually to be irradiated product surface elevation of 60 to 90 DEG C, product positioning displacement occurs, resulting in bad products. UVLED curing method is the most suitable for plastic substrate, lens bonding and electronic products, fiber optic cable, such as heat sensitive, high accuracy of the bonding process requirements.
Environmental protection: the traditional mercury lamp curing machine using mercury lamp light, lighting with mercury, waste disposal, transportation is very troublesome, improperly, it will cause serious pollution to the environment. LED type curing machine adopts the semiconductor light, causing no pollution to the environment factors. So the use of LED curing machine is more environmentally friendly.
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