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UV led curing is used for skin treatment

Ultraviolety can be used for treatment of eczema, allergies, jaundice, and other skin diseases.
Light therapy is a clinical use for treating method, the effect of different in different spectrum, especially the UV light has been used as an effective and universal source to treat a range of diseases, including psoriasis, rickets, allergies, eczema, jaundice in light therapy in patients. The skin or the damaged part according to the actual situation in different wavelength to violet irradiation, most of the wavelength is in the range of UV (315nm~410nm), in the process of using, UV light can promote the biological reaction of skin cells to inhibit harmful cell excessive growth and kill in the skin, one of the benefits of light radiation UV can stimulate the production of vitamin D, plays a very important role in promoting the growth of calcium and phosphorus and bone absorption, immune function and blood cell composition of vitamin D Vitamin D is due to the skin exposure in the sun and the sun light violet especially UV bands of violet and creates, people in the body of vitamin D can be obtained through the transaction or UV light to the skin of the irradiation.
LED UV exposition:
LED UV is a kind of LED, is a single wavelength of light, generally in the 400nm or others.
Through specially designed to make UV LED can send out a complete and continuous UV light to meet production needs, edge, printing and other areas. Line light source has a long life, cold light source, no heat radiation, life is not affected by the number of open and close, high energy, even improve production efficiency, not containing toxic substances more safe and environmentally friendly than the traditional light source.
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