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uv led curing machine application


UV curing has been widespread application in the UV industry, UV glue has been used to a electro acoustic products of production links, involving more and more product components, and its radiation, improve the shortcomings of traditional mode, and in the industry has a lot of use. Surface light source and its curing machine special on the curing for positioning of the slide and slide, applicable to capacitive touch screen, touch screen mobile phone, virtual keys, computer keys, optical lens, film, UV curing, touch screen UV curing.

1, the device is using UV energy fast hardening effect of UV photosensitive reaction material, ink, glue, is pollution-free, energy saving, fast drying, solvent resistance, the most complete and most heat the most professional document resource library catch wear clean, low temperature characteristics.
2, a uv curing system adopts imported through the purple rate is very strong pure quartz glass made of UV lamp, high and stable energy, hardening speed faster, by using longer life.
3, the lamp independent control, the forced air cooling mode, with cold light filtering device and greatly reduce heat generation, effectively reduce the temperature inside the furnace.
4, the host structure design is reasonable, the light is good, the transmission network anti - running edge device, stepless speed regulation, smooth light.
5, easy to operate, the selected components are standardized, easy to operate and maintain.
Performance advantages of UVLED curing machine:
1, UV cure rate is fast, and the effect is good
2, convenient operation, the selected components are standardized, operation and maintenance is simple, the use of low cost
3, long life, UVLED curing machine service life of up to 20000 hours or more
4, low energy consumption, environmental protection and no pollution
5, cold light irradiation
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