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uvled curing application

At present UVLED application form a spot curing system \ uv led liner curing system \ uv led area curing sytem, from the light emitting principle is the same, that is, what is the UVLED point light source? Line light source?
A general point light source UVLED lamp light emitted form a point, called the uv led spot curin sytem.
The line source is generally a UVLED lamp in a row, a linear light, forming a line called the uv led line curing system.
Area curing system is a UVLED beads according to different arrangement form the rows and columns, and issued various shape surface, forming a surface, called the surface light source.
Application domain:
UV curing applications in microelectronics industry
1 mobile phone components (camera, earphone, microphone, shell, LCD module, touch screen coating etc.)
2 hard disk assembly (wire fixed bearing, coil, chip bonding etc.)
3 DVD/ transmission, digital camera (lens, lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement)
4 motor and component assembly (wire, coil fixing, coil end fixing, PTC/NTC element bonding, protection of the transformer core)
The 5 semiconductor chip (moisture proof protective coating, crystal mask, pollution test, UV tape exposure, crystal Yuan Paoguang)
6 sensor production (gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.)
LED industry UV PCB light curing application
1 components (capacitors, inductors, a variety of plug-ins, screws, chips, etc.) fixed
2 moisture proof potting and core circuit, chip protection, oxidation protective coating
3 circuit board protection (angle) coating
4 ground wire, flying wire, coil fixed
5 wave soldering through hole mask
Medical device UVLED light curing application
UV glue to make the medical equipment economic automation assembly easier. Now advanced UVLED light source system, can cure a few seconds without solvent UV glue, and dispensing system, the assembly process of the medical device form a consistent and repeated bonding of a kind of effective and economic method.
1 anesthesia mask 2 syringe 3 liquid guide tube
4 vein infusion tube 5 blood vessel implant fitting
6 endoscopic 7 artery positioning
8 tubular drainage device 9 pipe line
10 blood oxygenation device 11 hearing aid
12 detection, monitoring, and image device 13 bio chip
14 PVC (polycarbonate plastic thermal bonding, and according to ABS)
Optical application of UV -ST-LED in optical industry
1 optical components assembly (lens group, prism, optical engine assembly)
2 image instrument assembly (microscope, endoscope, infrared instrument, night vision instrument, probe, etc.)
Optical communication industry UV LED light curing application
1 passive components, all kinds of glass packaging structure adhesive or sealing, small components fixed etc..
2 active devices, small plastic package structure.
3 fiber optic cables (external coating, marking, bonding, fiber optic gyro).
Research and application of UV LED in the hospital
1 polymer chemistry (nano coating, photocurable resin, photosensitizer, monomer, UV ink)
2 medical polymer materials (medical plastics, catheters), microbiology
3 photo catalysis, photo catalysis, photo excitation, photosynthesis, etc.
4 semiconductor (photo accelerated etching, cutting, UV tape, etc.)
other applications
1. UV analyzer, genetic engineering, molecular genetics, medical health, biological products, drug research, health and epidemic prevention, dye chemical, petrochemical, textile industry, Public Security Department of political science and law, and the departments of cultural relics and archaeology, where the need for fluorescence analysis and appraisal department can be used.
2 biochemistry, microbiology, genes, genetics, medicine, catalysis, each channel using different wavelengths of ultraviolet LED, from 240nm to 410nm, each 5nm a step, to refine the analysis
3 UV therapeutic instrument, medical applications, for example: dental curing, vitiligo treatment, wound composite promotion, etc..

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