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UV led curing light for inkjet printer

     UVLED inkjet printing is considered to be an environmentally friendly green technology, also known as 3E technology, namely energy-saving, environmental protection, economy, UVLED inkjet printing is a new kind of technique developed in the late 20th century, which combined with the inkjet printing technology and UV

The advantages of curing technology, both ink jet printing technology in the use and operation of the convenience, and UV curing technology in the technical advantages. LED technology in UV curable ink-jet printer is used more and more widespread, LED technology can replace the traditional high pressure mercury lamp, no heat radiation, low energy consumption, high life, low cost, efficient, safe, green.
UVLED inkjet technology has great potential for development in the future:
1, more and more users have to know and experience the advantages of UV-LED technology, the application of UV-LED technology will continue to expand, UV-LED inkjet technology is no exception.
2, the user market demand of digital printing has become increasingly prominent. Such as personalized printing, market testing of printed matter, POP display, short version printing and variable information printing (such as the number and barcode), UV-LED ink jet provides the opportunity to exhibit skill.
3, on-demand inkjet print head of the printing speed and quality are greatly improved, especially with the development of technology, the speed and quality of inkjet printing reached a new level, greatly improves the production efficiency, can meet the needs of industrial printing and packaging printing, which also UV-LED ink jet system to broaden the range of applications to create the conditions.
4, the rapid development of the combination of printing, the traditional printing machine (such as flexo printing machine) on the installation of UV-LED inkjet printing system will become a big increase in UV-LED inkjet technology.
The main features of UV-LED ink jet printing light source:
1, there is no or very little organic solvent evaporation, UV ink jet printing in the use of UV light source, UV light source does not contain mercury,
Environmental protection products:
1, UV-LED curing system is the cold light source does not produce heat, UV-LED technology can significantly reduce the heat generated in the process of the curing, so can let a person 2, on thin plastic and other materials of UV printing, due to the emission of UV-LED UV ink curing immediately to the, which saves the other technique required drying time, greatly improving the production efficiency.
2, LED curing technology can reduce the curing process of the "two-way drag belt" phenomenon. In general, LED curing technology can not only simplify the printing process, and to make those who do not have knowledge of screen printing terminal user obtains ideal printing effect, applicable to a variety of substrates, flexible or rigid, non absorbent absorbent material.
3, save energy and reduce costs, UV inkjet printing light source also has many advanced features and environmental protection, compared with traditional metal halide lamp, UV-LED light source can save two thirds of the energy, the service life of LED is more times than a traditional UV lamp. Another important advantage of UV-LED technology is UV-LED does not require preheating time, can according to need to keep open or closed.
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