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UVLED technology advantages

    Like the standard visible light LED, the development of ultraviolet LED will bring more convenience to many different applications. The latest technological developments are being extended to the part of the ultraviolet LED market to product innovation and performance of the new height. Design engineers are taking note of the new technology that can generate huge profits, energy and space savings compared to other alternative technologies.

A: a wide range of uses
Ultraviolet spectrum contains all length of 100 nm to 400 nm wavelength, the subdivision for three types: UV-A (315-400 nm, also known as UVA), UV-B (280 315 nm, also known as UVB), UV-C (100-280 nano, also known as for short wave ultraviolet).
Two: Environmental Impact
Lower energy consumption, less waste and no hazardous materials, compared to other alternative technologies, LED's energy consumption is low. In addition, LED does not contain common hazardous substances". Because ultraviolet LED has the function of anti vibration and shock resistance, it is seldom broken, thus reducing the cost of garbage and the cost.
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