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Considering the selection factors of UVLED curing machine

1 UVLED energy
Precise control of the UVLED intensity and exposure time, it is able to accurately control the UVLED energy. On the exposure time control, we advanced UVLED curing machine, built-in computer microprocessor, can set the exposure time and a variety of modes. UVLED strength of the control, we use the percentage of computer control to control, because we can do LED technology that is bright.
Strength of 2.UVLED curing machine
Generally speaking, UVLED curing machine UV intensity is very uniform, the wavelength range of 300nm--400nm or so, do not choose some of the so-called UVLED curing machine does not have data.
3.UVLED spectrum
At present, due to the development of light cured, there are many applications, such as surface curing, visible light curing, some UVA UVB or visible light enhanced lighting, advanced UVLED curing machine, with different spectra without any hardware change, which can greatly increase the R & D of flexibility.
4 UVLED curing machine safety and temperature
Advanced UVLED curing machine with lock safety, automatic shutdown exposure shutter, to protect user security. Some other designs, including the tip of the heat sink technology and the computer microprocessor function, effectively control the temperature rise. This requires special attention, the traditional temperature control lamp is no good source, will cause serious hidden trouble of bulb burst.
This point of the traditional process is difficult to directly prove that the accumulation of industrial experience is generally. The general laboratory is usually not equipped with a machine, an unstable light source is very seriously affected by the relevant test


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