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uv led curing for varnish

UV LED varnish glazing has fast curing, low temperature curing, an all-optical oil and membrane performance characteristics such as excellent, can print luster process to solve a lot of problems, to fill the many shortcomings of traditional glazing. Its main features are as follows:
1, standards of safety and environmental protection of the UV light oil should belong to no light solvent oil, solid content of 100%, that is, by the light of all transformation for effective film material, no VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, to prevent air pollution and improving the working environment, reduce the risk of fire.
2, production efficiency under high temperature can be fast curing, compared with the general polishing method of high production efficiency, the current general cure rate of 50-150m/min, up to 300-500m/min
3, adapt to a wide range of UVLED glazing except for printing paper, can also adapt the various substrate, such as aluminum foil, gold and silver cardboard, vacuum aluminum plating film, laser film, synthetic paper, metal, wood, etc. many kinds of printing carrier.
4, into a film with excellent properties of UVLED polishing not only high luminance, smooth and after UV curing, due to the formation of a tough body reticular structure, so it has excellent wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, resistance to chemicals and solvent etc. properties, it is difficult to compare with other coating.
5, to save energy and covers an area of UVLED curing device covers an area of heating drying of solvent glazing covers an area of much less, energy consumption can save much, very suitable for online glazing and automated assembly line operations.
6, coating performance is stable due to the UV light does not contain volatile solvents, is not easy to change the viscosity of the coating process, so the coating stability is good, and the amount of the province.
7, can avoid using products adhesive solvent type coating resin more thermal plastic resin, temperature, humidity, thickness of coating and drying conditions factors, large, easily lead to products in varying degrees of adhesion phenomenon, and UV curing coatings only light illumination conditions meet the requirements, do not have to be completely worry about the problem of adhesion, after glazing can be arbitrary stack and post processing operations.
8, you can replace the plastic composite UVLED glazing replace plastic film composite technology has been widely adopted by the domestic and foreign many neighborhood, it can often appear in the film covering technology become warped edge, blistering, wrinkle, such as delamination phenomenon is avoided completely, and can be recycled paper, reduce the resin coated products can't regenerate into environmental pollution
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