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uv led curing system for optical fiber

Optical properties of the optical fiber communication UVLED light curing has its service life, the light intensity of illumination with the use of time prolonged weakened, and of the fiber-optic communications curing degree, curing quality impact influence the coating peeling force. Traditional UV lights in this area is very obvious, but on the UVLED light curing equipment, UV point light source life, light intensity, and so there is a very big increase. When using the UVLED light source as a light emitting body, there is no need to worry about these reasons.

The communication optical fiber is composed of a core, a cladding layer and a coating layer. The peeling force of the communication optical fiber coating is determined by the outer coating of the optical fiber; the pulling force of the coating, the bonding strength of the optical fiber inner coating and the quartz glass cladding, is determined by the inner coating layer of the optical fiber. Performance characteristics of communication fiber UVLED light curing:
1, the user can be fixed in the optical fiber, can be placed in the UV room at the same time 4 workers, UV point light source to achieve 4 points at the same time curing.
2, the use of optical mode, after the two reflection, the UV light is reflected to the need to illuminate the plane, and through special equipment, only in the position required to retain the position of UV light.
3, communication fiber traditional way is to use a point light source for 5~15 minutes of static exposure, to achieve the hardening requirements.
4, equipped with automatic cylinder components, when the time required to reach the required set of curing time, the UV will automatically launch the device to avoid the loss caused by time out.
5, in the realization of the premise of high strength, and can be stable output, testing and maintenance is very convenient
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