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uv led curing machine application

Recently, with the majority of customers to improve product requirements, the enterprise in order to make their products more advantages, in the sales market is more popular, and of high technology products and put into use a lot of energy. Among them, the enterprise UVLED lamps in use is with representative, it allow enterprises to more mature, production and product quality is more reliable.
Strong ultraviolet ray high-pressure mercury lamp by high-quality pure quartz tube manufacturing, can make the ultraviolet ray high degree and a large number of penetration, the arc length / light length by 5 cm to 30 cm range, power of common percm to 200W, super high power UV lamp general in 200W per cm or more operation, the light spectrum of effective range of 350-450nm, main peak 365nm, there are more than 700 varieties, power by 100w-25kw.
Generally refers to the service life of the UV lamp to maintain enough energy to operate time. During this period the energy decays until below the acceptable range so far, the general standard of UV lamp can radiation sufficient UV energy up to 800 hours of UV curing is widely used in bamboo flooring, furniture, decoration materials, printing, tin cans, plastic coating, signs, circuit board and CD industry; also the semiconductor, electronic components, such as liquid crystal display adhesive curing the ideal source.
Printing: screen printing, offset printing, the use of 5 color printing. Like U disk or the like, and the like, with the UV protection of plastic, in the disc printing, it will use UV ink screen printing, screen printing, and now most of the use of UV ink for printing. With dry fast, good adhesion, a variety of performance standards (adhesion, abrasion resistance, etc.).
Applicable scope: spraying: spraying general mobile phone shell, cosmetics case, MP3 small household electrical appliances shell plastic spraying, most companies use, mobile phone shell coating and UV printing the two industry, requirements for UV is not the same, his products and equipment. Mobile shell spraying companies, most of the 6-8 light tube (a painting line) as long as the parameters of the right, through the UV know the specifications and parameters of the lamp, you can ensure that the alternative.
But at present such UV ultraviolet mercury lamp with high energy consumption, short service life, ozone, large volume and other disadvantages, the attendant is light LEDUV. Such technology has been developed for more than 10 years old, UV LED in promoting the process of economic development to a link between the past and the future, drive people awareness of environmental protection, understanding of economic benefits, UV LED in addition to a complete change in the ultraviolet lamp those disadvantageous place, more convenient integration point.
Integrated analysis of the above materials UVLED lights more in line with the needs of users, but also more obvious to promote enterprise development, but also more competitive in the market, stimulating the development of the industry. Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Hite ned on the basis of successful development of UVLED point light, UV LED line light, UV LED surface light source, application in various industries in UV light cured.
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