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UV led line curing machine

UV LED line curing machine equipment using LED light, can select different power of 365 nm, 385 nm), 395 nm, 405 nm wavelength LED, corresponding different UV glue, UV ink, UV varnish, UV paint. At the same time, the corresponding different material requirements. UV LED light source machine, high purity irradiation, no effects of thermal radiation and the depth of the UV light, long service life, and the cable output, for you to reduce equipment cost of consumables, an complex Tansey production of UV LED line light source irradiation machine equipment power consumption low, does not contain mercury is a energy saving and environmental protection of new products, so that the UV curing products more quickly and more efficient, more green, more safe, more environmentally friendly.
Characteristics of LED UV line light source irradiation machine
1 LED light source for the cold light source, no heat radiation, the temperature of the product is almost constant, no damage to the control radiation;
2.led light source only from spectral glue absorption, only 15% power consumption of traditional lamp;
3. Does not need to be preheated instant light immediately reached 100% power UV output, the irradiation angle angle around 2, strength up to 3000mW/ cm2 and curing effect is very prominent.
4. The machine uses ultra small body, only the volume of the original 1 / 8 of the irradiation of high pressure mercury lamp machine, head irradiation with drawn from the back of the fuselage, so that the device can easily integrate into automatic production lines and equipment, while also saving the large work space;
5 without toxic mercury, will not produce ozone, safer and more environmentally friendly, is the best substitute for the traditional light source;
6 reduce costs, LED direct irradiation, the device is simple, do not need to output the optical cable, reduce the loss of the optical cable;
7 imported LED chip, its light source life is considerable, up to 25000 hours or more;
8 different from the traditional way of irradiation, the LED UV line light source can be realized in the open or close, there will not be a waste of time;
LED 9.UV line light source can be based on customer needs, in the light of the optical drive system to integrate the customer needs of the line light source;
10. The independent control multiple UV LED irradiation head can be also applied to multiple single output independent station, need to effectively reduce the equipment configuration, multiple UV LED irradiation head can also through the computer programming mode to control the order of irradiation, further support demand of high precision engagement, reduce human caused the error.
11 fan cooling mode, stable power output, extend the service life.
Main application of LED UV line light source and its application
1 micro electronics, liquid crystal, PCB, optical communication, optical and other linear light curing;
2 TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel irrigation crystal mouth package, touch screen water adhesive bonding side curing, the old curing
3 high-end furniture UV paint curing
4 printing anti fake detection;

5 arts and crafts spray curing;      



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