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uv led curing system for optical lens

Optical manufacturers in the lens and the lens glue are usually used mercury lamp UV furnace, and now most of the optical factory has been aware of the ideas of environmental protection and energy conservation, and efficiency and yield rate, so UVLED light source in the lens gluing process plays a very positive. Lens bonding pre curing, with a certain size of UVLED point source pre curing, and then into the oven (the device can be used for UV LED surface light source, also available halogen lamp or lamp, it is recommended with a UV LED light source), so that we can greatly improve the efficiency of, not easy to be so that the deviation of the center of the lens. And the UVLED light source does not need to warm up, that is to use. Instant reach 100% power UV output. (usually we "UVLED point source" used in lens bonding pre curing "UV" in 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds curing)
UVLED point light source and the difference between the traditional UV lights:
1 long life: life is 10 times more than the traditional mercury type curing machine, about 3 to 5 years.
2, cold light source, no heat radiation, the surface temperature rise is low.
4, instant light, do not need to preheat immediately reached 100% power UV output.
5, the use of life is not affected by the number of open and close.
6, the energy is high, the light output is stable, the illumination uniformity effect is good, enhances the production efficiency.
7, can be customized effective radiation area, the diameter of the length from 2mm to 500mm.
8, does not contain mercury, will not produce ozone, is an alternative to the traditional light source technology, a safer, more environmentally friendly choice.
9, low energy consumption, power consumption for the traditional mercury type curing machine 10%, can save 90% of electricity, a UV LED point source 20W,
10, maintenance costs are almost zero, the use of UV-LED curing equipment at least 1 to 20 thousand yuan per year to save the cost of supplies
11, compact, light a LED UV point light source in 3KG or so
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