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UV led spot curing machine advantages

Different type of curing equipment, a high pressure mercury lamp and the UV led curing machine:

1, the traditional curing machine produced by UV light looks brightness is bright, is high in calories, in fact it up into a spectrum and a wide, really is effective curing a UV spectrum period accounted for only part of its energy, a large part is in the visible range (stray light) and produce heat, eye damage to the operator is serious and easy to make processing of the thermal deformation of workpiece.
2, UV LED spot curing machine, a is high purity 365 nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, which belongs to cold light source; workpiece temperature rose by only about 3 degrees, parts processing can not be deformed, its energy is highly concentrated in the segment of a UV spectra with effective cure, actual effect and the light intensity 1000-2000mw high-pressure mercury lamp curing effect comparable, curing time reduced to 0.5 to 5 seconds.
Two, UVLED point light source significantly reduce production costs
1, LED UV point light source body is small and light, it can be easily integrated into the automatic assembly process, or as a complete desktop system to use.
2, the UV LED irradiation head through the computer control, can according to the actual need to select the manual or automatic control operation and set your own light irradiation time required (accurate to 0.01s) further support the demand of high precision engagement, reduce the time error of manual operation.
3, LED UV curing machine is almost no heat, not fragile, no mercury; maintenance costs are very low.
4, due to the use of LED UV light emitting way, life of up to 25000 hours or more (duration of life) using energy-saving design, only when the need to light up, low power consumption, power: about 50W.
Three, LED UV is equipped with a special focus lens assembly also make it highly concentrated in the energy of the curing point, enhance the curing efficiency, can be 4 (each device can be loaded with 4 LED tube) with the increase in the area of irradiation.
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