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Factors of effecting the curing time about uv glue

With UVLED curing of the glue is applied more and more widely, UV LED glue curing reflects a series of problems, the main is UV LED glue curing susceptible to the influence of many factors, the specific what factors affect the curing time? Temperature glue type, quantity, pipe radius, temperature and wind speed, all kinds of factors can make the curing time of the glue change.
1, the temperature: the higher the temperature, the faster the cure rate, and vice versa.
2, glue category: fast formula of the glue faster than the slow curing fast, low viscosity of the high viscosity of the curing fast
3, the diameter of the pipe: the greater the radius of the pipe, the greater the gap between the interface between the pipe, the glue will be used to make the more dry time.
4, humidity: the higher the humidity of the curing rate will be slower, and this I believe we have a long knowledge.
5, wind speed: when the adhesive is more than a certain degree of wind speed, the curing rate will be significantly accelerated.
6, the use quantity: room temperature excessive use of glue will calls more time to dry, because the volatile slow, more noteworthy is, excessive glue the permeation quantity to the detriment of the integrity of the joint.
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