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UV LED curing system for LCD UV LOCA

Pathogenic CD screen light curing liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic electric light-emitting display (OLED) is gradually becoming the mainstream of display, which is widely used in watches, computer monitors, TV screens, cameras, personal digital assistant (PDA) display electronic components. At present, China is the main production of the global LCD monitor, and Taiwan and South Korea's LCD manufacturers will continue to build production lines in the mainland of china. The final encapsulation of LCD and OLED is one of the key factors that affect the life of electronic devices.
Packaging LCD/OLED is UV curing (UVLED) technology is one of the major application areas, and has the following features: no solvent or a small amount of solvent, solvent pollution to the environment is reduced; low energy consumption, low temperature curing, suitable for heat sensitive materials; fast curing speed, high efficiency, used in the production line of the high speed, curing equipment covers an area of and so on.
The present situation and development of UV curing adhesive for LCD/OLED in the world are reviewed in this paper.
1, LCD screen light curing domestic and foreign production status
Our country currently has more than 100 universities and Research Institute are engaged in the research of LCD and OLED devices, these LCD/OLED manufacturers need UV curing adhesive, its market demand is very big. According to statistics in 2000 the world's UV curing adhesives in optoelectronics, information industry, the total amount of 90t, in 2005 the amount of 575t, the average annual growth rate of 45%.
2, LCD screen light curing domestic and foreign research progress
The development and production of the packaging adhesive for flat panel display is actively carried out by the relevant major companies in foreign countries. Flat panel display related materials research in China, there are many research institutions, but mainly involved is luminescent films, ITO thin film and the metal electrode, and for some accessories such as micro line, packaging materials and other aspects, there is not enough attention, which is used for flat panel display UV packaging adhesive research and development in our country is less.
UV light curing adhesive is mainly composed of photo initiator, photo polymerization pre polymer, active diluent, leveling agent, coupling agent, anti foaming agent, pigment, filler and dispersing agent. The photo polymerization pre polymer and the active diluent are the photosensitive components, which play a decisive role in the performance of the UV light curing adhesive. At present in the electronic packaging industry the most widely used epoxy acrylate system, its main features is: low cost, good reliability, light curing reaction rate is fast, cured hardness and tensile strength, high gloss film, good solvent resistance; drawback is: lack of cured film soft, high brittleness, film residual acrylate groups more polymerization reaction in the low conversion rate was rigid cross-linked structure "frozen", the residual unreacted groups the anti-aging, anti yellowing and adverse properties.
Light curing, acrylated epoxy resin mechanical properties and thermal properties and many factors are closely related, which has more influence factors: epoxy resin chemical structure and properties, curing agent, the structure and properties of, triggered agent type and amount, UV curing, epoxy group conversion rate, cross-linking agent and the ratio of epoxy group factors. In view of the defects of epoxy resin binder, there are a lot of improved preparation technology at home and abroad.

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