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uv led curing system advantages for touch panel

UVLED spot curing sytem is a kind of semiconductor light emitting diode, and it is a light source with a certain proportion of integrated luminous wavelength. UVLED point light source with a soft light, power saving life is longer, more light and other features, LED type UV balanced light source for PCB LCD and other exposure. More energy, more environmentally friendly than conventional mercury lamp!
UVLED point light source than the traditional touch screen light source curing advantage:
1 small size, easy to carry, only the traditional lamp size 1/8
2 does not contain mercury, will not produce ozone, is an alternative to the traditional light source technology, a safer, more environmentally friendly choice.
3 energy is high, the output of light is stable, the effect of irradiation is good, and the production efficiency is improved.
4 small heat, can solve the mercury lamp printing equipment heat and staff unbearable problem.
5 cold light source, no heat radiation, the surface temperature rise is low, to solve the touch screen production in the long term heat injury problems. Particularly suitable for applications where temperature rise is small.
6 long life: the service life is 50 times more than the traditional mercury type curing machine, about 25000~30000 hours.
7 low maintenance costs, the use of UVLED curing equipment at least 5000 yuan per year to save yuan / unit of the cost of supplies.
8 instant light, do not need to preheat immediately reached 100% power UV output.
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