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UV LED curing system future

Although LED technology has emerged for some time, but the ink manufacturers on the development of LED ink is the main driving force to promote the development of this technology.
Ink business to the main contribution of this technology lies in the formulation of ink. Early LED ink needs to be adjusted or re produced to meet the requirements of LED curing, and now customers can be designed specifically for the UV LED curing equipment and ink.
UV LED technology has a lot of advantages. First of all, it has a long service life. It can usually reach 20 thousand to 30 thousand hours. At the same time, its power consumption is very low, especially in the flexo printing and the sheet of paper printing, printing factory almost can save 50% of electricity; secondly UVLED curing unit does not produce ozone, covers an area of small, integrating and controlling it are relatively easy, simple and easy maintenance.
LED curing is one of the most attractive technologies in the field of energy curing. In 2008, LED curing technology first in the druba exhibition debut, and caused widespread concern in the industry, many printing machine and ink manufacturers show own the technology. At the same time, it in the jet field also made some progress, Sun Chemical and INX? Digital is outstanding in this field.
Drupa 2008 is UV LED technology was the first to draw attention to an exhibition, is also in this exhibition, ink-jet technology has been unprecedented attention and achieved great success.
At present, the market demand for LED UV technology is very strong, digital printing has become the largest market for this technology, which is the most innovative inkjet field, and UVLED's advantage is just to meet the needs of this area. Of course, LED technology to become mainstream technology inkjet market, but also the need for a certain period of time.
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