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395nm led uv curing machine

Recent years, UV ink printing in the field of global market share of the growing, UV printing has established its leading position in the global market, its scope of application is very broad, even for newspaper printing, UV curing can in helping companies comply with health and safety regulations and improve the quality of printing products. UVLED light printing is considered to be an environmentally friendly green technology, also known as 3E technology, namely (energy saving and environmental protection , economic, which combines the advantages of printing technology and UV curing technology, both printing technology in the use and operation convenience, and UV curing technology in the economic and technical advantages. LED technology is used more and more widely in UV printing machine, LED technology can replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp.
LEDUV 395nm machine product advantages
1, does not contain mercury, more safe, environmental protection;
2, UV LED can be customized according to demand;
3, no need to preheat, that is to use;
4, the device structure is simple and easy to integrate;
5, air cooling, water cooling, to extend the service life;
6, cold light source, no heat radiation, reduce the heat generated by the curing process;
7, the luminous efficiency is higher, the power consumption is very small, the service life reaches 20000 hours;
8, applicable to a variety of substrates: flexible or rigid, absorbable non absorbent material.
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