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The curing principle of common glue and UV curing glue

Difference between ordinary glue and UV glue, the first ordinary glue and UV glue system is different, and the occurrence of curing and drying process of their physical and chemical process is not the same, the more obvious is the drying and curing equipment are also different. For the general glue we all use the concept of drying to describe, for the UV glue we use the concept of curing. Now bonding applications are both dry and curing equipment, so we must have a better understanding of their drying and curing principles.
The drying principle of the common glue: with dry vegetable oil as the connecting material in the air in the occurrence of polarization polymerization reaction, to change the molecular form of vegetable oil. So fixed and dry at the substrate surface. This process of using oxidative polymerization to transform the oil from low molecular weight liquid into a solid, solid state of the network is called the drying of the glue. With UV curing effect is similar, after the glue dry surface gloss, ink film firmly, scratch resistant.
UV glue UV light curing principle: UV glue by ultraviolet light irradiation curing of, such as UV LED point light source, UV LED line light, UV LED surface light source, UV lamp, halogen lamp all ultraviolet lamp. UV glue solidification needs to add a small amount of light initiator, under the common action of the photo initiator and UV polymerization. Thus changing the molecular shape to make the glue solidified. This reaction can be done in a few seconds or even a few seconds.
Through the above introduction we know the relationship between ordinary glue drying and UV glue curing, so in the later choose glue, or the operation of the machine we are also able to more professional to operate undoubtedly for us to avoid a lot of trouble
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