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uv led curing system for phone industry

 In recent years the rapid development of wireless communication, mobile phone style emerge in an endless stream, not only more and more powerful, appearance also is doing more pretty, or sparkling, or refreshing, or be spotlessly clean, bright, or subtle and elegant, highly textured, let people dizzying. These changes, thanks to the application of ultraviolet (UV) curing coating in the production of mobile phones.

1, keyboard - UV wear resistant character ink
If the phone as one of our partners, mobile phone keyboard is we touch or say suffering the most, especially the thumb family, all day long twist its head pinched pinches, students and for mobile phone keyboard, only rise in resistance, put on UV "waists coat" (wear resistant ink), to cover the "UV super protective clothing" (special UV light oil).
2, circuit board - UV electronic protective glue
As everyone knows, the circuit board is the core part of the electronic equipment, its production is divided into two steps. The first line etching ink etched copper film on line in need, and then use the solder resist ink on the copper line cover up, to prevent the welding components damaged. For high precision requirements, the use of circuit board environment complex, also in the welding of all electronic components
After the whole package with a layer of UV electronic protective glue, waterproof and dustproof shockproof.
3, liquid crystal display, UV
LCD screen can be approximately regarded as composed of two sheets of glass intermediate encapsulates a layer of liquid crystal, we may know, the LCD is can not be heated and not contaminated, this is the only moment of UV curing and heating and ultraviolet (UV) radiation through the characteristics of glass can be applied to this kind of request. UVLED line light source machine produced by the company can make the Haight ned UV curing moment to improve the production efficiency.
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