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UVLED inkjet printers and general UV inkjet printers are the main difference between:
1. Using UV light source different UVLED inkjet printer just as its name implies the use of UV light source is UVLED source of energy saving and environmental protection and general UV inkjet printer used light source most UV mercury lamp. Power consumption is large and there is a large amount of mercury.
2. Both of the ink is different, because mercury lamp for UV light source spectrum is wide, curing ink photosensitizer corresponding wavelength range is wide, and UVLED inkjet printer for UVLED wavelength are single wavelength, so must use and its light source to match the UV ink. Single wavelength UV ink.
UVLED light source in energy saving and environmental advantages, UVLED inkjet printer is a trend!
UVLED inkjet printer advantage:
1 longevity - product life more than 10000 hours;
2 environmental protection - the product does not contain mercury. On the other, for a short wave UV light (~250nm), so the UV light does not make in the air (oxygen) oxygen conversion for bromine oxygen (ozone), bromine oxygen will destroy the atmosphere and will affect the health of human body. So the UV LED lights without in the room and the ventilation system;
3 electricity is small, energy saving;
4 do not need maintenance;
5. No warm-up time;
6. Low temperature.


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