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uv led curing machine for bonding speaker

Characteristics of UV LED light curing machine with small size:
1, the thermal radiation is small, the irradiation machine uses the light emitting part UVLED, the spectrum wavelength is 405nm, no infrared light is sent, so the surface of the irradiated product has no temperature rise.
2, reduce the cost of consumables and the use time of the LED can generally reach 25000-30000 hours, and the traditional lamp irradiation machine about 2000 hours requires replacement of the lamp, LED can be for you to reduce equipment cost of consumables, improve the utilization rate of equipment
3, energy saving and environmental protection, LED power consumption is low, no need of preheating of lamp, instantaneous reached 100% of the high power, which means that, UV high photoelectric conversion efficiency and does not contain mercury, toxic substances, also won't produce ozone is to replace the traditional light source of a safer and more environmentally friendly choice.
4, small volume, the volume of the LED controller about 1 / 8 of the traditional lamp irradiation volume, making installation easier, cutout shooting head design, give full consideration to the space requirements in the production of precision, make the installation more convenient.
5, unique cooling process, scientific and rapid heat removal, improve the power output stability, extend the life of LED.
6, the device can be applied in different stations, according to the actual situation, applicable to a variety of substrates.
Advantages of small horn UVLED light curing machine:
1, LED light source for the cold light source, no heat radiation.
2, do not need to preheat the moment to light, the intensity of irradiation can reach 2W/cm2.
3, LED light source life is long, life is up to 20000 hours.
4, air cooling, water cooling, to extend the service life.
5, UVLED can be customized according to demand.
6, the device structure is simple and easy to integrate.
7, no toxic substances, mercury, safer, more environmentally friendly.


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