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the differences between uv led

Cold light source is the use of chemical energy, electric energy, bio energy excitation of the light source (firefly, neon lights, LED, etc.). Has a very good optical, flicker characteristics. When an object is illuminated, its temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature, which is called a cold light source, such as LED. From the strict sense, LED light-emitting diode light electroluminescent also produces heat, but relatively incandescent lamps and other light source low. LED electro optic conversion efficiency is about 30%, in which the quantum efficiency of about 70% (close to the theoretical limit), the external quantum efficiency of about 50% (this is only the experimental data, not the exact value).
The heat source is a light source which is excited by the heat energy, such as the heat radiation of the incandescent lamp when the temperature is 3000 to 4000. Incandescent lamp with 80-90% energy conversion energy, about 10% of the energy for energy conversion. So the luminous efficiency is low. We are not according to the temperature of the lamp housing is defined as a cold light source, or a hot light source. The temperature around the lamp, can only judge the pros and cons of the lamp cooling measures.
The difference between the two:
Cold light source and thermal light source, we can not only define the distinction. In fact, we say that the cold light source does not mean that the process does not produce heat, but the way the light is not converted to light energy by heat. The incandescent lamp is the process of converting the energy into heat energy and converting the heat energy into light energy. Heat loss is higher, the luminous efficiency is low, according to the current development trend of LED white light, the era of cold light source alternative to the thermal light source is not far away. So we can think of LED as a cold light source.
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