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UV LED cold light feature

UV led curing light is very widely used, and UVLED curing light source is the most obvious characteristic of a low thermal effect, no radiation, it is due to the low thermal effect of UVLED surface light source, only a lot of ink on its unique. Now I'll take a label printing technology that is more sensitive to heat.
Heat shrinkable film label is a kind of the special printing ink in the plastic film or plastic pipe film label, in the labeling process, when the heating (about 70 DEG C), shrink labels will quickly along the outer contour contraction in the container, cling to the surface of the container, heat shrinkable film marked sign of shrink sleeve labels and shrink wraparound labels. Shrink sleeve label is to heat shrinkable film as the substrate, through the printing to make a cylindrical label. It has convenient use, is very suitable for special shaped container.
Heat shrinkable film label is part of the label market, is currently in rapid growth, expanding market share, is expected to grew at an annual rate of about 15%, much higher than the annual growth rate of about 5% of the ordinary label market, development has great potential to become a major highlight of the label printing industry forecast in the next five years, domestic heat shrinkable film market will be at a speed of more than 20% growth.
Heat shrinkable film label production process requirements higher, for ordinary water and solvent based ink, drying temperature is too high, materials thermal shrinkage; temperature is too low, the ink drying is not thorough enough and other issues, so the process is very complex, the rejection rate is higher. And for UV LED surface light source, ink in the role of ultraviolet energy, macromolecule cross-linked reticular formation in an instant, ink rapid solidification, the temperature of a material to the printing had no effect, unique cold curing systems are very suitable for thermo sensitive material label production. So that UV light curing technology to solve the problem of heat shrink film label for fear of heat.
UV LED light curing technology, the printing ink to dry, pure UV drying almost no heat, there are many benefits to our environment. Under the function of the energy, the polymer material is formed in an instant, and the ink is quickly solidified and has no influence on the temperature of the printing material, and the unique cold curing system is suitable for the production of the thermal sensitive material label. So that UV light curing technology to solve the problem of heat shrink film label for fear of heat.
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