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UV adhesive is also called uv glue, because ultraviolet UV needs, it is generally necessary items have a translucent or transparent material and transparent or transparent and non transparent between adhesive and cannot be used for bonding between transparent and non transparent material generally used in glass or crystal bonding.
UV curing mechanism of UV curing materials in the photo initiation agent (or photosensitizers) under the irradiation of UV ultraviolet production life of radical or cationic, triggered monomer polymerization, crosslinking and connecting the branch of chemical reaction, the adhesive is in seconds from a liquid into a solid; ultraviolet light solid adhesive should be ultraviolet light irradiation can cure. In the ordinary light environment that is not irradiated by ultraviolet light, it will not be cured almost forever. Due to this kind of adhesive almost all by acrylate pre polymers (also known as oligomers), active monomer and ultraviolet photo initiation agent, no ultraviolet irradiation unable to make light initiator to have effect and not allowing the prepolymer to further polymerization of macromolecules (solid) and the curing. Also because of this reason and UV glue are generally used only for surface coating (UV varnish, UV ink, UV coating, etc.) or components of the binding (fixed). Or the bonding between a transparent object and a transparent object or a transparent object and a transparent object, and can not be used for bonding between the non transparent object and the non transparent object.
Adhesive is mainly composed of photosensitive resin, monomer, photoinitiator and other auxiliary materials. The reason that it can be changed from liquid to solid is caused by the polymerization of the monomer polymerization reaction, the monomer from small molecules into large molecules, from the liquid into a solid. We can see that this is the first step in the role of the light initiator. How can the light initiator function? Must have a certain energy to excite and the energy as photons as a unit, photons have different wavelengths with different energy must be and photo initiation agent suitable energy can stimulate it. Therefore, each triggered agent corresponds to a specific wavelength of photons. And we used the shadowless glue light triggered most agents corresponding 365nm the band, which is a kind of ultraviolet light, so, it is necessary to use ultraviolet curable shadowless adhesive. And due to the UV is also divided into different bands, so not all ultraviolet rays can be used, but must be the main peak 365nm ultraviolet light source, and therefore what the mosquito killing lamp ah, detector ah, all are not.


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