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uv led curing machine for touch panel

 Capacitive touch screen is a transparent metal conductive material on the surface of the glass. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will change, so that the frequency of the oscillator connected with the change, UVLED by measuring the frequency change can determine the touch position to obtain information. Touch screen part of the glass fragile goods, the assembly can not be applied to the touch screen to exert strong impact, leading to the outlet to strengthen the board can not be carried out the bending action. 

UV curing has been widespread application in electronic industry, UV glue has been used to a electro acoustic products of production links, relates to the components of the product more and more. Traditional UV lamp in meet the production waste large amounts of electricity, produce a lot of heat, not only caused the passive consumption of enterprise cost, at the same time there is a large amount of heat, on the performance and integrity of the products produced relatively large impact. LED UV irradiation mode, improve the shortcomings of the traditional mode of operation, and has been used in a large number of industry.
Advantages of UVLED light curing machine in the application of capacitive screen:
1, UV curing speed (1~3 seconds) and the effect is good
2, convenient operation, the selected components are standardized, operation and maintenance is simple, the use of low cost
3, long life, UVLED curing machine service life of up to 10000 hours or more
4, low energy consumption, environmental protection and no pollution

5, cold light irradiation     

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