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       Attention in UV curing system R & D, manufacturing and sales of enterprise internationalization -- ISTMETZ Group Co., Ltd. and spread the good news: Recently, launched by the InkRubTester (IRT) ink Rub Tester won the 2012 to 2013 annual international printing technology award InternationalPrintTechnologyAward. In addition to the development of UV lamp, UV curing electronic components, optical coating UV curing system components and products, product chain ISTMETZ group company in the gradual extension and expansion, the award-winning IRT ink Rub Tester is the extension of the product chain of outstanding representatives of as.

IRT ink Rub Tester is a instrument for testing UV ink, UV light oil curing degree, by simple, repeated testing to determine the printed on coated paper, cardboard or thin film on the surface of UV ink, UV light oil curing degree. As with the traditional test methods of UV curing, IRT ink Rub Tester can also use scratch test method and solvent test method, but compared to the traditional test method, advantage of IRT ink Rub Tester is the testing process is carried out under the steady state of the controllable. Test the steady state ensures the reproducibility of test results, test results show that under this condition, to more effective guidance and supervision of quality management in the actual production.
Stable state test test refers to the scratch test pressure and test distance constant. IRT ink Rub Tester of contact pressure on the test probe by a weight set precisely, and maintain consistent pressure; while the test distance is fixed to the surface of the substrate in the production of the longitudinal motion of 50mm. Set the hand guarantee this friction surface and constant force, on the other hand, also taking into account the convenience of the test results before and after contrast. In order to adapt to the different printer materials, IRT ink Rub Tester can also according to the type of printer materials, choose different test probes, different application system under steady-state conditions of scratch test.
Stability test test refers to the state of the solvent solvent volume constant and can be preset test probe reciprocating frequency. IRT ink friction tester through the magnetic control of the dosing pump according to the predetermined amount of solvent, and set a good test probe in the test range of the number of times. Taking into account the UV ink, UV light oil solvent resistance, you can use a variety of different types of solvents (such as alcohol, ethanol, ethyl acetate, etc.) for testing.
Measured in the two testing methods of ink or coating to scratching or solvent resistance, can be used to measure the degree of UV ink or UV light oil curing. Simple operation process, accurate condition control, can be highly reproducible test results, making the IRT ink friction tester to detect UV ink, UV light oil curing degree excellent solution
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