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Introduces uv glue curing

What is UV?
UV is the abbreviation of the English ultraviolet rays, namely ultraviolet light (UV). Ultraviolet (UV) is invisible to the naked eye, visible purple outside electromagnetic radiation, the wavelength in the range of 10~400nm. Usually according to the nature of different fine for a few segments:
Principle of UV curing
In a specially formulated resin added photoinitiator (or photosensitizers). After absorption of ultraviolet (UV) light curing equipment of high intensity ultraviolet light to produce reactive free radicals or radical ion, thus initiating polymerization, grafting and crosslinking reactions, the resin (UV coatings, inks, adhesives, etc.) in seconds (range) by the liquid into solid. (this process is called "UV").
The application of UV glue
UV light radiation physical properties similar to visible light is linear, the penetration is far less than the visible light, the shorter the wavelength, penetration worse, therefore UV curing is mainly used to light can direct shot to the epidermal surface or translucent better inner curing.
1. The UV lamp to generate UV also will produce large amounts of IR radiation heat, for temperature has little effect on the workpiece, the thermal radiation is useful, it can accelerate the speed of light curing reaction, especially for UV + anaerobic mixed type of plastic material, the effect is more obvious. Application examples: wood flooring, metal products, such as the UV coating; printed circuit board UV insulation coating; UV glass products.
2 for the temperature effect is more sensitive or poor temperature resistance of light curing the workpiece, the traditional UV light generated UV with IR radiation heat, it is a major hazard or even fatal. Reduced IR thermal radiation is currently the world manufacturing one of the frontiers in the field of UV curing equipment, usually by water, reflection, frequency filtering method to solve, but at the cost of loss of part of the UV power must be.
Application examples: all kinds of PVC (such as IC card), plastic film, Ke style (DOT) UV oil printing, paper type special printing (Bing Hua), the computer keyboard printing
UV curing technology
The physical properties of UV curing materials are substantially affected by the drying system used to cure them. The performance of the expected performance, whether it is protective adhesive, ink, or adhesives, will depend on the parameters of these tubes, design and control methods. Four key parameters of the UV lamp are:
1.UV radiation intensity (or density)
2 spectral distribution (wavelength)
3 radiation (or UV energy)
4 infrared radiation
With respect to the maximum degree of radiation or radiation, as well as different UV spectra, ink and protective glue will show a very different characteristics. The ability to identify different UV light tubes and to match the optical properties of the curable material is extended to the extent that the UV is solidified as a fast and efficient production process.
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