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Notes when using UV glue

1, to avoid visible light can also make the glue slowly curing, so can not be exposed to the air for a long time.
2, moisture absorption moisture after the glue performance will be decreased, so you can not open the bottle for a long time.
3, when the temperature is higher than 80 degrees, it may lead to chemical reaction, so the glue is not suitable for a long time to put in the place of high temperature.
4, Shi Jiaoqian, please ensure that the adhesive surface dry, clean, smooth. Water vapor, oil pollution, dust and so on will lead to the decline of adhesion performance. In humid and rainy season of winter, the water vapor in the air easily in the cold glass forming hard to detect with the naked eye mist, it is recommended in the dry low humidity of workshop operation.
5, after sizing the object, the bubble row clean. According to the actual situation to choose the appropriate viscosity of the glue.
6, curing time do not vibrate objects, such as the need to clear the residual glue, according to the actual situation, with the UV lamp irradiation for 10 seconds after the initial curing of residual glue, and then radiation to fully cured.
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