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uv curing for speaker

Speakers in daily life almost everywhere, such as headphones, mobile phones, PDA, MP3, personal computers, private cars, children's toys, etc.. As the further development of mobile phones and other consumer goods industry and people pursuit of quality of life, industry of miniature loudspeaker quality requirements are increasingly high, green environmental protection, high fidelity, chip, miniaturization, thinness, low power consumption, high power, multi function, component become new development trend of electro acoustic devices. Even the emergence of a thin type of silicon speakers and piezoelectric speakers and other new products. At this point, the market has begun to fight from the price to the transfer of high-end applications. The micro loudspeaker includes sound film, voice coil, magnetic core, magnetic suspension, magnetic pole, cylinder etc.. All of these small parts are assembled by adhesive bonding. A small micro speaker sometimes with a little more than 8 glue. Because of this, the industry has an unwritten argument, that is to do the micro speaker is actually doing glue. This is enough to prove the role of glue in the micro speaker. Generally speaking, the bonding of the mini speaker can be divided into two parts, which are bonded to the core and the bonding of the sound film. Around the core of the adhesive which is called a core and pole, core and a magnetic cylinder bonding; around sound film adhesive including diaphragm and a voice coil bonding and sound film and the basin frame of the bonding. It is particularly worth mentioning is the UV glue, in the high-end market it is used to considered miniature loudspeaker in the main bonding - diaphragm and a voice coil bonding has a long history of the. Due to the UV curing speed, high production efficiency, product line of good, high bonding strength and environment friendliness, at present has been more and more speaker manufacturers, especially for those who want to enhance the strength of enterprises, improve product quality manufacturers are optimistic.

UV has the following characteristics:
1 stable product quality, low defective rate
Another feature of UV is its production of good consistency, and low defect rate. This is mainly due to the way it is determined by the way of curing. UV curable adhesives are generally performed by a particular UV device. As long as the curing parameters remain constant, the consistency of the curing effect can be guaranteed, thus ensuring the stability of the product quality.
2 fixed speed
The curing time is one of the largest UV characteristics of short, usually in seconds. Compared with the 24 hour solvent adhesive, the efficiency is improved by hundreds of thousands of times. Completely solve the curing of the bottleneck problem, greatly shorten the production cycle, improve the production efficiency, enhance the delivery capacity, save labor and inventory costs, enhance the company's competitiveness.
3 wide adaptability
Another advantage is its wide adaptability to uv. It applies to a sound membrane for a variety of materials, such as pen, pet, Pei, par, and the quality of film is not sensitive; wide adaptability of UV glue on the other side also in it is not only suitable for the full automatic production line, also suitable for semi automatic line. Generally speaking, as long as the in the production line and a UV curing equipment, and the corresponding assembly system with slight modifications, ensure that UV light can shine to the bonding surface; adaptability is also reflected in the UV adhesive material properties is widely, such as hardness, can from A3 to lines. 4 chemical reaction glue, excellent performance
UV curing machine is the polymerization and polymer, so UV cured with excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties. The performance change after UV curing range is very wide, which makes the UV glue is widely used. Different customers can choose suitable UV according to their own requirements. The excellent performance of the micro loudspeaker, it makes the use of UV adhesive can meet the requirement of high quality.
Small speaker technology continues to update, the paste between the parts of the solidification has been the most critical part of the small speaker curing what glue is the most important. In this regard, after all aspects of the test, UV glue is no doubt in all aspects to meet the requirements of small trumpet curing.
A small horn UV performance characteristics
1, curing fast, the reaction can be controlled; no solvent, no pollution; suitable for automatic operation;
2, the adhesive material is extensive, the bonding strength is high, but the structure is bonding, the application surface is extensive;
3, excellent optical properties; the glue liquid is colorless and transparent after curing light transmittance > 90%, is called adhesive;
4, weather resistance, not yellow change;
5, the disadvantage is that the sticky material must be transparent, and the need for equipment to cure curing;
The trumpet and other different UV glue
Trumpet UV glue in the UV light curing machine curing, about 5S can finish adhesion. After irradiation can reach a higher intensity, can meet the need of automation production line rhythm; at the beginning of the second generation acrylate structural adhesive 1-10min solid, 24 hours to reach the highest intensity; room temperature curing ring at the beginning of the oxygen structural adhesive 10-120min solid, 7 days to reach the highest intensity.
UV small horn curing adhesive note:
1, UV trumpet curing adhesive containing methacrylic acid and its ester monomer, to skin and eyes have a minor irritation, if UV glue accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water, such as there are still unwell should be checked to the hospital, after contact with the skin of UV glue please rinse immediately with plenty of soap and clean water.
2, UV small horn adhesive should be kept in a cool and dry place, the remaining UV glue can not back to the original packaging.
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