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adhesive uv curing system

Crystal UV curing adhesive
Crystal of UV curable adhesive as a kind of UV, in UV curing must UV light curing machine, because by irradiation of UV LED irradiation machine can make UV glue reaction, and finally the formation of curing. This can be said to be a magical cure. At the same time, UV light curing also has a lot of features, with energy-saving and environmental protection, so that the application of UV light curing is an ideal choice.
The scope of application:
Used for bonding glass adhesive metal, glass and crystal glass stick adhesive metal, crystal image, crystal crystal stick and other materials. Typical for crystal handicraft industry.
The crystal bonding characteristics of UV products:
1, mainly used for crystal imaging and adhesive removal, removal time, after curing reaction with pictures;
2, after curing adhesive shrinkage, grinding and drilling crystal cracking and water;
3, the flexible formula, especially in high humid environment is still maintained high stability;
4, high strength, can be used for point coating, the destruction of the experiment can be close to 100% of the main body damage;
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